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CANTON FAIR(April 15th,2024)
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    The Canton Fair, held biannually in Guangzhou, China, is the world's longest-running and most comprehensive import and export fair. With a history of 62 years, the Canton Fair is renowned for its large scale, variety of exhibits, and vast distribution of international buyers.

    The event brings together more than 24,000 of China's most reputable foreign trade companies, as well as 500 overseas companies, to the No. 380 Yuejiang Zhong Road in Guangzhou. Business people from around the world come to the Canton Fair to exchange information and develop relationships, while taking advantage of the fair's flexible trade patterns, including traditional sample negotiations and the Canton Fair Online platform.

    At the Canton Fair, exhibitors can take advantage of a range of business activities, such as economic and technical cooperations, commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertising, and consultation. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join this long-standing event and take part in the world of international trade.